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Mid·Size LH Fairway Metals
385 Pro Forged Beta Ti
385 Pro Forged Beta Ti
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Deep “Cup Face,” Beta Titanium
High Launch, Low Spin for Greater Distance

Introducing the latest in RedBird driver technology – the 385 Pro Forged Cup Face Beta Titanium Driver. This attractive driver, available in both right- and left-handed models, features a deep "cup face" design forged in high-strength, 10.2.3 beta titanium. Its traditional-looking 385cc clubhead delivers maximum performance in a manageable size.

Two weight ports on the sole accommodate adjustable tungsten weight screws that lower the center of gravity while improving the moment of inertia (M.O.I) for optimum forgiveness.

  • 385cc design delivers high launch with low spin rates for strong flight and maximum distance
  • Two weight ports that allow up to 25 grams of weight to be repositioned low and deep for improved launch performance
  • Forged cup face that delivers maximum energy transfer across the face
  • Conforms with USGA rules
  • Lofts in 9°, 10.5° & 12°
  • Both right- and left-handed models available
The 385 Pro Forged Beta Ti is available in a wide range of fitting options to meet your unique requirements.

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