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Fairway Midsize-Steel
Fairway Midsize-Steel
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Optimal Distance & Forgiveness

The Midsize·Steel fairway metals are part of a complete family including driver and fairway models (3, 5, 7, and 9). Each club is manufactured from precipitate hardened, high tensile strength stainless steel, and its specifications precisely meet the USGA coefficient of restitution (COR) limit.

Offering maximum playability, the Midsize·Steel fairway metals offer a low/deep perimeter weighted design. The Midsize·Steel 3- and 5-woods feature our unique Monorail sole to minimize turf drag and maximize distance and accuracy, while the 7- and 9-woods have a platform rail sole to improve playability from difficult lies. The Midsize·Steel fairway metals are the ideal choice for the player seeking optimal forgiveness and maximum distance.

The Midsize·Steel models are available in a 170cc 3-wood (15°), 160cc 5-wood (19°), 140cc 7-wood (23°), and 125cc 9-wood (26°), and in a wide range of fitting options to meet your unique requirements.

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