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Since 1985, RedBird has provided custom fitted golf clubs designed and crafted to the highest standards of quality and featuring the latest technology, as exemplified by our new 530 and 7** series forged irons, Avian fairway metals, and new forged wedges.

We take great pride in the classic look of our RedBird clubheads. Our designs invoke the contours and lines of the best traditional clubs from the 1960s/1970s (a golden era in club making), combined with the latest technologies in materials and manufacturing processes that result in clubs that look great, fit properly and feel great.

RedBird CustomFit•A3x is the cornerstone of our philosophy to custom fit our clubs to the Anatomy, Ability, and Aspirations of each individual player.

Our irons for example are meticulously handcrafted a set at a time to the exact specifications of an individual golfer. Experienced RedBird professionals custom build each set of irons using our unique approach to determine each golfer's optimal combination of clubhead model, shaft flex, lie angle, loft angle, length, grip size, shaft material, and weight. Irons are built as a set, with each clubhead hand-ground to precise weight tolerances and integrated with shafts and grips of uniform weights. This ensures proper incremental total weight spacing and swing weight without the use of lead.

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