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Our Approach
Our Approach

RedBird’s pursuit of crafting and fitting the finest custom made golf clubs originated from this simple thought — "You didn't come off an assembly line. Why settle for clubs that do?” 

RedBird grew quickly as golfers of all shapes and sizes learned they could have custom fitted golf clubs, built to match their size, ability level, and unique goals. Over the past 30+ years RedBird has designed and manufactured more than 33,000 sets of custom golf clubs, individually tailoring each club to fit golfers of all sizes and abilities.

The RedBird fitting approach, called CustomFit•A3x, begins with you through a thorough evaluation of your physical size, level of ability, and golf-related goals that provides us with the information necessary to determine your optimal custom club specifications. Your RedBird clubs are built only after your needs have been determined.

Amazing things happen when your clubs fit properly – your natural abilities and best efforts are rewarded with great shots, lower scores, and most importantly fun.

At RedBird we pride ourselves in crafting the finest golf clubs available, designed specifically to fit you, utilizing our proven fitting methods, classic club design featuring the latest technology, and the highest quality materials. In our opinion, it's not just a better way to build a club; it's the only way.

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