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RedBird Sports Gets Golfers Fitted Right
RedBird’s new mobile web fitting app, CustomFit•A3x™, makes it possible for golfers to get perfectly fit clubs from anywhere in the world

 Seattle, WA (December 27, 2010) Since its inception in 1985, RedBird Sports has been committed to providing golfers of the Northwest with high quality, classically designed golf clubs that fit correctly. The company motto is, “You didn’t come off an assembly line, why settle for clubs that do?” RedBird Owner and Founder, Jay Turner, has been fitting golfers for 25 years using his RedBird Dimensional Fitting System. Now, that system is available to golfers worldwide with the launch of the CustomFit•A3x mobile web app.  

CustomFit•A3x features a series of 28 questions addressing a golfer’s unique combination of Anatomy, Ability, and Aspirations. Based on a golfer’s response, RedBird’s proprietary fitting system calculates an optimal fit specification from over 50,000 possible club specification configurations. Although the generated fitting specs, usually provided within two business days, are intended for use with RedBird clubs, “generic” 6-iron and driver specs are also included so the golfer can compare this to his own or other club brands.

“The big-name brands certainly have the knowledge and experience to do what we do, explained Turner, but their mass-production business model is counter to this approach, so if they do have “custom fitting,” it’s usually not as complete and tends to focus on shaft options. With RedBird, complete custom fitting is part of our standard service and the only way our clubs are offered. Only after the fitting process is completed is a set of clubs built by us.”

Also, brand name clubs fitted at the extremes – for either very tall or very short golfers – are usually incorrectly fitted. According to Turner, “Proportionality in the length and lie of the clubs should be maintained, but usually what I see are clubs too long and flat for the shorter golfer and for the taller player, clubs that are too short and upright.”

There is no need to continue struggling with the game of golf simply because your clubs don’t fit correctly. Amazing things happen when your clubs fit properly – your natural abilities and best efforts are rewarded with great shots, lower scores, and most importantly, more fun.

Thanks to the new CustomFit•A3x web-based tool, available for use on the RedBird full site and as a smartphone web app, custom fitting optimized for golfers of all shapes and sizes is now accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world. Visit for both versions.


If you’d like more information about the CustomFit•A3x mobile web app, or to schedule an interview with Jay Turner, please call RedBird Sports at 206-725-7872 or email Jay at

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